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Online Training Platforms

Here is how to login or log in to the Training Management System of the Ministry of Education Malaysia for the reference of MOE staff. Other relevant information is also provided

Official Portal of Training Management System, Ministry of Education Malaysia

Note: If the Individual Module is not accessible, refer to the  Training Management System Portal , select the Application sub-menu and click Individual Module

How to Login SPLKPM Individual Module

To access or log in, follow the steps provided:

Browse the Individual Module as the link provided above

Please enter No. Identity Card (without hyphen)

Enter the password which is the original password (last 4 digits in the Identity Card No.) and click ‘Submit’

Upon successful login, the message ‘Please Change Password’ will be displayed and after doing so click ‘Close’

Next, a display of options menus will be shown, to add courses that have been joined, click ‘Self-Study’

From the list of options, click ‘e-Learning’ and click ‘Add Activity’

Enter the relevant information and contact the school admin to make support and confirmation based on the certificate provided Note: All individuals are required to answer the Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Competency matrix provided to enable management to plan the required LDP. Contact the school SPLKPM admin if you have any problems

Number of Training Attended

To find out the amount of training a person has attended, follow these steps:

Forgot SPLKPM Login Password

If you have forgotten the password to log in, there are two methods to create and the user can choose one of the following:

Method One : Users can log in using KPM’s Single Sign On (SSO)

Second Method : Users can click ‘Forgot Password’ and then inform the SULDP of their respective schools for further action

List of Online Courses at SPLKPM

Among the list of online courses offered at SPLKPM for users to earn credit points are as follows:


This course is a simple approach for teachers in following Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) courses through applications in smartphones.

First Time Registration : Schoology Registration

Login: Schoology Login

SPLKPM AKPK Hemah Bicara Hemat Belanja

AKPK – Hemah Bicara Hemat Belanja is an Online Financial Literacy Course in collaboration between the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) and the Credit Counseling & Management Agency (AKPK).

Every MOE staff must complete this course to complete the credit hours. Upon completion of the course, individuals will obtain 6 hours of training (1 day of coursework) and given 6 credit points (for PPP) through the KPM Training Management System (SPLKPM)